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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9

Features :

At its 8.9-inch size, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 fits somewhere between those 'too small for movies' 7-inch tabs and the larger 'too big for everyday mobility' 10-inch models. That makes the 8.9-inch size about right.
The Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 is remarkably similar to Samsung's 10.1 version. Both run Android 3.2 Honeycomb - a modern operating system designed specifically for tablets. A few 7-inch tablets use Android 2, which is designed for smartphones. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 also uses the same Nvidia Tegra 2 processor at 1GHz as the 10.1 model, has 1GB of RAM and has 16GB of internal memory. There's a 2MP front camera for low-res video chats and a 3MP rear camera for taking photos. There are Bluetooth, HSPA internet and Wi-Fi connections on board. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9, at 447g, weighs over 100 grams less than the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. You can feel the difference in weight right away. Measuring 230.9 x 157.8 x 8.6mm, there's an extra degree of portability, but you do sacrifice some screen size for movies and games.Samsung uses a 6100mAh battery, which it claims lasts for about 10 hours. In our tests, the battery lasted about eight hours. The battery is a hair smaller and not as long lasting as the bigger 7000mAh battery found in the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.