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MacBook Air

Features : 

Integrating a faster processor, more powerful graphics, and a memory controller into a single chip makes for some serious performance. The new Intel HD Graphics 4000 offers up to 60 percent faster graphics performance you’ll really notice in the games you play, the movies you watch, and the FaceTime calls you make. And MacBook Air now supports up to 8GB of memory, so you can run more memory-intensive applications without compromising performance.

Specifications :

  •  Intel Core 2 Duo chip running at 1.6GHz.
  • The chip operates with 4MB of on-chip shared L2 cache running at full processor speed The chip operates with 4MB of on-chip shared L2 cache running at full processor speed.
  • 2GB of 667MH DDR2 SDRAM.
  • Intel HD Graphics 4000.1.8-inch hard disk drive with 80GB of storage capacity standard. A 64GB solid-state disk (SSD) drive is an option. The hard drive is a Parallel ATA (PATA) model that operates at 4200 RPM.
  • 13.3-inch LED-backlit widescreen display that has a 1280 x 800 pixel resolution.
  • Weighs about 3 pounds, and sports a thickness of 0.16-0.76 inches.
  • 12.8 inches wide and 8.95 inches deep.
  • 45 watt power adapter.
  • 802.11n-based wireless networking support and Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR.

Apple's frequently been in the crosshairs of environmental group Greenpeace in recent years. Jobs offered information about the environmental goals behind the MacBook Air -- it has a fully recyclable aluminum case, and is "the first" to have a mercury-free display with arsenic-free glass. All the circuit boards are BFR-free and PVC-free, and the retail packaging uses 56 percent less material than the MacBook packaging.

Samsung Series 7 Gamer

Features : 

A big, beefy and shiny laptop ready for the latest titles with its blue backlit keyboard and i7 processor, Samsung's Series 7 Gamer laptop is a big shiny box of power. At 17 inches and 9 pounds, it's more of a semi-portable desktop replacement than a truly portable laptop. Still, this is a gaming computer, and with great power generally comes some serious bulk and a hefty down payment.
The first thing you'll notice about the Series 7 Gamer are all the blue lights, and a silver dial on the right side, near the monitor. This lets you cycle the computer into one of four modes: Gaming, Balanced, Library and Green Mode.

Specifications :

  • Intel Core i7-3610QM @ 2.3GHz
  • w/ 6MB L3 cache
  • 16GB DDR3 RAM
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 675M Graphics
  • 1.5TB Hitachi Hard Drive
  • 8GB SanDisk SSD
  • 17.3" display with 1920x1080 resolution

The Samsung Series 7 Gamer also sports four USB ports (2x USB 3.0, 2x USB 2.0), a Blu-Ray drive, four
stereo speakers, plus built-in webcam and microphone. Our review unit had Windowas 7 Home Premium installed. The Series 7 is not customizable, this is the only configuration that Samsung currently offers.